Photo services | Adventure, Wildlife, People, Worldwide

  • Adventure and extreme photography

    Adventure, extreme sports, outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring are also a passion. It's a pleasure to me to combine them with my photography work. From caves, to mountain tops, I will realize your photographs.

  • Wildlife and nature photography

    Respecting nature and fascinated by wildlife, I will be happy to illustrate a documentary or do a reporting assignment about any kind of animals you need.
    On the field, from macro photography to large mammals in the wild.

  • Worldwide assignments

    Open to Worlwide assignements, I am ready to travel to get your shots done.
    Discovering new countries, meeting new people, new cultures, is always enriching and allows me to discover new techniques, new ways of improving my work.

  • People and events photography

    Capture a moment, a smile on a face, a performance, some people at an event, to reveal the beauty and mystery of human nature. Let me know what you need, I will see what I can do for you.

  • Objects and art photography

    Because artists work hard for hours to create an object, a piece of their art, it's important to have good pictures of it to show all its beauty. Photography is here to help, and share the emotion.

  • Website development and design

    Thanks to many years in websites development and design, I can create your site, your blog, entirely or just a part of it. I invite you to have a look at my web developer website for more details.